About us

Presotea launched in Taiwan in 2006, and now has over 400 stores globally.

The Barrack Street Perth store was the first international store outside of Taiwan, opening its doors in 2012. There are now 18 stores across Perth, with more to open nationally soon.

Presotea's mission is to continue brewing drinks to the highest standard for our customers. Pursuing the optimum fragrance, taste and texture of bubble tea. Always custom brewed, only upon ordering.

Multigenerational tea farms

Our business grew from a five-generation tea farm in Taiwan, run for several 60-year cycles.

Leading brewing technology

Our exquisite tea-making process insists on making each drink only upon ordering. Using espresso technology, and never making drinks in bulk or before they are ordered, we promise to extract the best possible flavour profile, and true essence of each tea blend.